Caught in the Storm

hurricane, storm, downed trees, downed power lines,“Huddled in the hallway in my sister-in-law’s home, we listened to the news reporting the approaching hurricane until the power went out . . ..       The heaviest part of the storm hit after dark. Most of us could not sleep as thunder boomed and wind and rain beat against the house.”

The Storm

And the storm came . . .

Ripping every leaf off my branches,

Bending my agile frame,

Weighing down every branch.

snowy trees, snowy forest, snow on gazebo, winter scene, winter trees, snow on ground, winter wonderland

And the rains came . . .

Stripping every deadened limb,

Rending the bark from my trunk,

Laying bare my fragile heart.

And winter came . . .

Nipping at my exposed roots,

Ending my growth, as I lie dormant

Staying lifeless.

Then spring came . . .trees, tree by river, river, creek, rocks, rocks in river, spring

Blooming with love,

Blossoming with hope,

Bearing much fruit!

DH Stewart © 2001

An Excerpt from Three Days at Sea by Delana H. Stewart.

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