Adventure at Every Turn


From Three Days at Sea by Delana H. Stewart: “We could have focused on all thkayaking, canoeing, rapidse negatives . . . not knowing where to go, not knowing where we were being led . . . and, I am certain we probably did think a lot about those things at the time. However, looking back I think about the crazy, fun adventure we had . . . the old man on the mountain who showed us the way . . . the new experience; the story I would be able to tell to my grandchildren one day.


God does not let any experience go to waste. When life is calm and simple, it is easy for us to not seek the Lord, to not spend as much time mountain, valley, wadi, hiking, adventure, mountain pass, mountain adventure, desert, desert adventurein His Word and in prayer. More often than not, God has used storms in my life to strengthen my faith and draw me closer to Him.”




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