Heavenly Tweets

By: Delana H. StewartTwitter, Twitter Bird, Twitter follow, Follow Me, Fishers of men

During my week-long sabbatical from WordPress, Twitter, and Facebook, I worked on putting the finishing touches on my book Three Days at Sea: Soul Flotation When the Waves are Pulling You Under. In this devotional book, among many verses, I share 1 Thessalonians 5:17 – “Pray without ceasing.”

Praying without ceasing is not too different from sending up heavenly tweets throughout the day (although unlike regular tweeting, you know that there is One who “reads” each one). Heavenly tweets would be short prayers as you go, such as:

Praise God I made it!

Thank You, Lord, for the beautiful sunrise today.

Help me, God, I’m hurting.

Heal me. Heal my friend.

Bring my son/daughter/husband/wife/friend back to You.

Father, help me be more like Christ.

God, I can’t forgive her/him, help me!

God, are you listening?

I’m sorry, God.

Show me what to do in this situation, Lord.

Lord is that You?

“Tweeting” to the Lord is good. It is necessary. However, what if we only tweeted with our best friend or spouse? What if we only sent them short notes of 140 characters or less and never sat down and really talked with him or her bearing our hearts and souls?

I love the little scripture tweets I get from Twitter pals, such as: Bible Time, Love Like Jesus, God Loves, Beautiful Verses, Daily Bible, and Daily Inspiration. These short daily verses encourage and bless me. But I need so much more!

I need to hear from God through feasting on His Word. I need to read it or listen to it in long, consecutive chunks, similar to a real conversation. Only receiving tweets from God is like snacking on chips and peanuts and never getting my steak and potato (or grilled veggies, lentils, and garden salad). The snacks are good and fill a need for immediate sustenance, but the complete meal is needed for health and growth.

Don’t stop tweeting with Jesus, but make sure you are taking the time for real conversation.

Share a comment about a “heavenly” tweet you have seen recently and/ or the reference to a passage of Scripture you are studying more in depth.


See also: http://delanasworld.wordpress.com/2012/10/18/5-lessons-from-my-social-networking-sabbatical/


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