Hot Off the Press!

three days book, devotional book, delana stewart bookThree Days at Sea — Soul flotation when the waves are pulling you under — is now available for purchase from CreateSpace!

For Sale now as a paperback

It is currently available as a 132pp paperback for $7.95 — click here to order.

Coming Soon as an e-book

Some time in the next month it will be available as an e-book (so stay tuned).

Also, in the near future autographed copies will be available from my e-store

Quote from the back cover

“Delana Stewart’s book Three Days at Sea is a book of inspiration for anyone who is facing life’s hardships. The poetry is stand-alone great, but the inspirational prose makes it even greater. The ‘Inward,’ ‘Outward,’ ‘Upward,’ and ‘From the Word’ headings not only point our minds and hearts in the right direction, but let us know where Delana was coming from and where she is going.” –Donald Graham

Quote from the Foreword

“It is an honor to share in the deepest wonderings of another human being, particularly if you feel like you, yourself, are in the jaws of a trial–being pulled under. The words in this book may help.” –Lora Doremus, director of Women’s Ministries at University Baptist Church, Houston, TX


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