Really? Never Discouraged?

Recently, a woman asked me about my book Three Days at Sea. I told her that it was a devotional with the subtitle Soul flotation when the waves are pulling you under. She looked at me and asked me if I had experienced feeling that way before (being pulled under by circumstances in life). To which I answered, “Yes, on more than one occasion.” swimming, struggling to float, drowning, waves, undertow, going under

She told me she has never experienced feeling that way.

Her remark took me by surprise. “Really? Never?” I thought.

I have met many people from different countries and different walks of life who have experienced circumstances that overwhelmed them and made them feel as if they were being pulled under. Their circumstances included such events as: cancer; divorce; custody battles; moves; death of a family member; surgery; heart attacks; strokes; miscarriages; kidnapping; unemployment; loss of home due to fire, flood, tornado, hurricane; robbery; lawsuits; sickness; hunger; depression; abandonment; murder; rape; false testimony; affairs.

Have you ever experienced an event or time in your life where you felt as if the waves were pulling you under? Perhaps you are going through such an event right now. 

If you would like prayer for something you are going through, leave a comment and I will lift you up in prayer.


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