on the horizon, sea horizon, sunset horizonAn excerpt from chapter 6.

On The Horizon

by: Delana H. Stewart

Something new quickly approaches

Zooming down the track

Like a roller coaster at top speed

Building anticipation, fear,

Changes in the vast unknown

Until slowly, slowly it begins its final ascent

Shaving time like dark chocolate

Whittling away little by little

‘Til there’s no time left.

Counting down the minutes

Watching the clock

Waiting. Waiting for . . .

[See the completion of this poem in the devotional Three Days at Sea by Delana H. Stewart.]

Since there are twenty-five chapters in my new book Three Days at Sea: Soul flotation when the waves are pulling you under, I decided to share a quote a day (one from each chapter) until Christmas. Hope you enjoy them! Come back tomorrow for the next one…

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