An excerpt from chapter 11.

O Father, how often I drift from the intense love relationship with You which You desire to have with me.

I often allow unanswered prayer and disappointment

to cast shadows over my walk with You.

Take the reins of my heart.

Restore my love for You alone.

Restore my passion for the reading of Your Word.

Cause me to be still and know You.

Cause me NOT to seek after gifts, but You, the Giver.

Cause me NOT to seek after the longing of my heart,

But to long only to be closer to You.

Cause me NOT to overindulge in that which is permissible

But not necessarily best.

Reveal to me what to pray

so I will constantly be reminded of Your love.

Cause me to seek You first and foremost (and often).

Speak to my heart.

You know my heart.

sunlight clouds, rainbow poem clouds, sky clouds


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