An excerpt from chapter 19.

Three Days at Sea

I learned my lesson amid a school of fish,

as I sat inside the churning stomach

of a great beast.

In stench so strong,

the deep, darkness fell heavily around me.

“I demand a new verdict!

What have I done to deserve this?”

my mind screamed,

as I scratched a mark on the huge rib

looming over me . . .

(see this poem in its entirety in the book Three Days at Sea)

 “Offering praise when you are in the depths of despair is a sacrifice! surrendering, praying woman, praying statue, crying woman, raised hands, waterfall, worship praise, sacrifice of praiseThere have been many times I have struggled with trusting the Father’s timing, purpose, and plan. Some days all hopes, all dreams seem impossible, improbable, not worth hoping for anymore. Yet, the Lord is constantly faithful at restoring my hope and trust in Him as a true and faithful and loving Father.”

–an excerpt from chapter 19, Three Days at Sea, by Delana H. Stewart.

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Calm Waters, Sea, Boat, man at sea


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