Lifted High

An excerpt from chapter 21.

Wind destroys, and wind lifts up.wind, windmill, pinwheel, palm trees, oasis

 “Sitting on a boat in open water in a high wind will make a strong stomach weak. Because of television, most of us have seen the destruction which occurs from tsunamis, hurricanes, and tornadoes. Some of us may have even witnessed the destruction firsthand. Entire towns turned into piles of debris. This kind of wind depresses and destroys.

We welcome other kinds of winds. Have you ever arrived at the beach to fly a kite or at a lake to go sailing and not even a hint of breeze existed? Disappointment fills the air. A cool breeze on a hot day refreshes the body and the soul.

What kind of wind are you going to be today?

Will you lift up or knock down?

–an excerpt from chapter 21, Three Days at Sea, by Delana H. Stewart.

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