An excerpt from chapter 23.

“Aside from Jesus, I think my favorite Bible hero of the faith is Esther. She possessed such beauty, strength, and power. Yet, she feared for her life when considering the idea of taking measures to save her people from destruction. She did not allow her fears to rule her. She fasted and prayed and trusted that God had brought her to this place and position in her life for “such a time as this” (Esther 4:14). She believed in God’s power to rescue her.”

cross, cross in sky, woman holding cross, child reaching cross, silhouette cross

Photo by Jen Kuykendall, ChinUp!Photography, 2011.

To Stand alone at the foot of Your throne.

To kneel in prayer and meet You there.

You extend the scepter of Your love to me.

You grasp my hand to raise me from my knees.

You know my heart’s desire and every need.

You, alone.

(To see the rest of this song and hear more about the Rescuer, order Three Days at Sea.)

–an excerpt from chapter 23, Three Days at Sea, by Delana H. Stewart.

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