Found by the Joy-Giver

An excerpt from chapter 25.


This is an excerpt from the final chapter of Three Days at Sea. I hope you have enjoyed these 25 sneak previews into the book. You can order the paperback book here. And now it is available for the Kindle as well.

Seeking The Joy Giver

Am I only seeking…

Truths to follow–or following Truth?

Gifts–or the Giver of all good things?

A child to hold–or the Father who holds me?

. . .

Peace–or the Prince of Peace?

Joy–or the Joy-Giver?

. . .

Am I only seeking what I want…

or wanting

the great I AM?

[See the book for this poem in its entirety and the devotional that accompanies it.]

This Christmas and throughout the coming years, may we seek Who and not what.

Order Three Days at Sea from CreateSpace or Amazon.

pearls, oyster, treasure, kingdom of heavenAlso available in paperback and Kindle editions–

Nine Year Pregnancy: Waiting on God–Our Journey of Adoption.

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