Tragedy to Triumph

Recently, I heard a sermon about suffering by David Platt. In the sermon, he reminds the listeners of repeated suffering, ocean, wavesexamples in Scripture where tragedy preceded triumph. These stories included: Ruth and Naomi, Joseph, David, and Job. During the sermon Platt said:

“God ordains sorrowful tragedy to set the stage for triumph to come.”

Often as Christians, we tend to focus on what God allows, and we do not usually take much time to ponder that many times suffering is even part of the plan to accomplish God’s Will.

I have experienced this to be true in my own life on more than one occasion. It does not make the tragedy any less difficult to deal with, but it helps to remember that God is at work setting the stage for something beautiful to come.

At this point in time you may find yourself in the midst of a tragedy, a triumph, or a time leading up to one of the two.

What about you? Is there a time in your life that you look back to and see how God brought you through a tragedy?

Or, perhaps you are going through a tragedy right now and would like prayer? Leave your comments below…

— Delana H. Stewart


Delana is the author of Three Days at Sea: Soul flotation when the waves are pulling you under, a book that takes you on a personal journey and joins you on yours. From setting sail and navigating rough waters to sinking in despair and then being rescued–the author draws from her own life experiences and from Scripture to reveal God’s presence, power, and passion towards you during both the ordinary and the overwhelming circumstances of life. The pages of this devotional point you to . . .(more).

She is also the author of Nine Year Pregnancy: Waiting on God–Our Adoption Journey,  a book about the journey of having a dream, experiencing death of that vision and seeing God fulfill it in His time. If you are waiting on God to . . . (more)



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