When Christmas is Cold Inside

empty, cold, barren, lonely

Click image for the post “Death Before Life”

Barren, lonely, cold, lost. The Christmas season, though usually a very joyous time of year, can often be an extremely difficult time of year for those who:

1)      Had a loved one or family member die (especially since the last Christmas);

2)      Experienced a recent miscarriage;

3)      Are struggling to get pregnant or adopt (and start or add to their family);

4)      Lost a job (or have been unemployed).

This is my prayer for you . . .

 Remember that after winter comes spring . . .

snowy day, narnia, winter in woods

Click image for the poem “Caught in the Storm”

Clouds have silver linings…

gray skies, sun through clouds, gray clouds, rays, sun rays clouds, dreary sky

Click image for poem “After the Rain”

 Flowers can bloom in difficult places . . .

hanging gardens
Click image for a post about waiting on God in prayer for a long time…and wondering if He heard.


Weeping may last through the night BUT . . .

weeping, night, joy, morning, sunset, sunrise

Click image for a post about rising above…

And no matter how deep the pain, God can turn this trial into a blessing (in your life and in the lives of those around you). . .

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