Finding Stability

In my devotional reading today in Beth Moore’s book Whispers of Hope, I was challenged to think about whether I place my faith in what God is doing or in Who God is.

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Where is your faith placed? How do you find stability in your roller coaster life?

See my review of Whispers of Hope, here.

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3 thoughts on “Finding Stability

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  2. What God is doing IS who He is…right? He is always at work. His character only allows Him to do things that are congruent with who He is. The problem comes, I believe, in that when we don’t understand what He is doing, we decide not to trust who He is. Or we attribute something to Him that He is not doing. We have to move past our understanding into complete trust. I am not there…not too long ago He whispered the lack I have in this area, to me as I prayed about something…

    • She goes into that in the devotional. Too often we base our faith on what God appears to be doing (or not doing). We don’t see everything He is doing. But something she didn’t say, but I want to add after what you wrote above is that The things God does is only part of who He is. Similarly, there are many things that I do as a wife, a mother, a teacher…that flow out of who God made me to be…but those things that I do are not who I am. Yes, people can get to know me through the things that I do, but each of those things only represents a part of me…there is a part of me they don’t know because they haven’t seen that part…or spent much time with me. And with God it goes so much deeper than that.

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