Weekly Photo Challenge: One with You

Times in life, in our journeys through life, many of us experience moments of feeling like we are the only ones going through something. There are times where no one around us understands what we are experiencing, and even times when they offer lame advice (as Jobs friends flung on him). Remember during these times…

mountain climbing, hiking, stand firm

A Measure of Faith

Will we believe God can give us a measure of faith to rise above any situation?

wind, windmill, pinwheel, palm trees, oasis

Lifted High

An excerpt from chapter 21. Wind destroys, and wind lifts up.  “Sitting on a boat in open water in a high wind will make a strong stomach weak. Because of television, most of us have seen the destruction which occurs from tsunamis, hurricanes, and tornadoes. Some of us may have even witnessed the destruction firsthand.…

sky, clouds, sun rays, heavens, skies, blue skies

Tested and Tried

An excerpt from chapter 16. “Lord, when trials come, help me to remember they are tests of my faith. I pray in those times I will find my strength in You and remain faithful. And for the times in between the trials, I want always to count my blessings, express my thankfulness, rest in You,…

waves, ocean and sun, waves splashing, surf

Expecting the Unexpected

“Often, I don’t want to go through the storm, the chastening. It hurts. It tosses me and breaks me to pieces. However, I always find when the winds subside I have been drawn nearer to You, Lord, and there is more fruit in my life. . . .Lord, help me to expect the unexpected today, and when the unexpected occurs, help me to see Your hand at work.”

Thinking about Today

An excerpt from chapter 10. “Lord, whenever difficult situations arise, I wonder if the grass is greener someplace else. In Philippians, You admonish us to think about whatever is true. Often I find myself thinking about things I do not know about. I want to know if the tomorrows will always be so far from…

swirling waves, ocean waves, sea waves, wave psalm


How wonderful it is that we serve a God who does not give us more than we can handle! Even in the deep places His hand guides us. He does not leave us to drown in our times of sorrow or grief or fear. He pulls us up to the surface just in time.

swimming, struggling to float, drowning, waves, undertow, going under

Really? Never Discouraged?

I told her that it was a devotional with the subtitle Soul flotation when the waves are pulling you under. She looked at me and asked me if I had experienced feeling that way before (being pulled under by circumstances in life). To which I answered

kayaking, canoeing, rapids

Adventure at Every Turn

We could have focused on all the negatives . . . not knowing where to go, not knowing where we were being led . . . and, I am certain we probably did think a lot about those things at the time. However, looking back I think about the crazy, fun adventure we had . . . the old man on the mountain who showed us the way . . .

Thanking an Educator

September 24, 2012 Dear Ms. Flanagan, Yesterday, as our church honored educators, we watched a video about a neurosurgeon who contacted his middle school science teacher thanking him for encouraging him and telling him that he had what it took to be a brain surgeon. The video clip moved me, and instantly made me think…