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Birth of Peace

May you and your family find hope, peace, comfort, joy, and encouragement this Christmas season! Blessings to you! — Delana H. Stewart When Christmas is Cold Inside Wintertime Frost Found by the Joy Giver Advertisements

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Finding Stability

In my devotional reading today in Beth Moore’s book Whispers of Hope, I was challenged to think about whether I place my faith in what God is doing or in Who God is. Where is your faith placed? How do you find stability in your roller coaster life? See my review of Whispers of Hope,…

Weekly Photo Challenge: One with You

Times in life, in our journeys through life, many of us experience moments of feeling like we are the only ones going through something. There are times where no one around us understands what we are experiencing, and even times when they offer lame advice (as Jobs friends flung on him). Remember during these times…

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Thinking about Whose Child I am

Today I have been thinking about the coming Father’s Day this weekend…and thinking about the day the Lord God adopted me into His family as His child. Sometimes we go through trials in our lives that may  leave us wondering and questioning His love for us. This morning as I read a familiar passage in…

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It Would Be a Spoiler

–Delana H. Stewart Today’s daily prompt, All About Me, motivates us to explain why we chose our blog’s title and what it means to us. The blog title Three Days at Sea is the title of a devotional book I recently published by the same name. Did I spend three days at sea? What does…

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Rising Above

An excerpt from chapter 20. “Will we believe God can give us the measure of faith to rise above any situation— to go when He says go and wait when He says wait?” “Yet I am always with you; you hold me by my right hand. You guide me with your counsel, and afterward you…


An excerpt from chapter 19. Three Days at Sea I learned my lesson amid a school of fish, as I sat inside the churning stomach of a great beast. In stench so strong, the deep, darkness fell heavily around me. “I demand a new verdict! What have I done to deserve this?” my mind screamed,…

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“Grab your life jackets and report to your muster station . . .” If we do not equip ourselves, we will not be prepared to assist those around us who need encouragement, help, strength, hope, peace, and comfort.