dark clouds, storm clouds, thunder storm, mountain rain

Hang On

Storms, trials, dark tunnels, waiting, sorrow, and finding strength!

boat at sunset, small boat, Starr boat, Matagorda Bay, Sargent Texas

Faith for the Journey

Expecting miracles…Hoping…Believing…needing strength? Faith for the journey . . .

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An excerpt from chapter 11. O Father, how often I drift from the intense love relationship with You which You desire to have with me. I often allow unanswered prayer and disappointment to cast shadows over my walk with You. Take the reins of my heart. Restore my love for You alone. Restore my passion…

heart hands, heart hands sun

Rays of Hope

“You’re no longer The little boy who sat upon my knee Who filled the halls with laughter…” A poem about a boy growing up and his trials being much more challenging for his parents.

hurricane, storm, tree, power lines

Caught in the Storm

“Huddled in the hallway in my sister-in-law’s home, we listened to the news reporting the approaching hurricane until the power went out . . .. The heaviest part of the storm hit after dark. Most of us could not sleep as thunder boomed and wind and rain beat against the house.”