dark clouds, storm clouds, thunder storm, mountain rain

Hang On

Storms, trials, dark tunnels, waiting, sorrow, and finding strength!

whirlpool, drowning, storm, man in ocean, man overboard


Sometimes the circumstances we face in life hit us like a hurricane. No matter what precautions we take, a point in time comes when we have to sit tight and ride out the storm.

storm, wind waves, hurricane, hurricane Sandy, hurricane Ike

Hurricane Season

Sometimes we go through seasons of long or subsequent storms in our life-journeys. In those times we should find places to rest and people to trust. I find it helpful to remember God’s faithfulness during previous storms to get through current or coming storms. . . .

hurricane, storm, tree, power lines

Caught in the Storm

“Huddled in the hallway in my sister-in-law’s home, we listened to the news reporting the approaching hurricane until the power went out . . .. The heaviest part of the storm hit after dark. Most of us could not sleep as thunder boomed and wind and rain beat against the house.”