Three Days at Sea was published by Delana H. Stewart in October 2012.

Three Days at Sea takes you on a personal journey and joins you on yours. From setting sail and navigating rough waters to sinking in despair and then being rescued–the author draws from her own life experiences and from Scripture to reveal God’s presence, power, and passion towards you during both the ordinary and the overwhelming circumstances of life.

The pages of this devotional point you to the Rescuer through stories, prayers, poetry, and Scripture. Carefully placed questions invite you to a moment of solitude to reflect and make application in your own life. Three Days at Sea offers flotation for your soul when the circumstances and emotions and the winds and waves of life pull you under.

Sometimes the circumstances we face in life hit us like a hurricane . . . and there is One who rides out the storms with us.

“Delana Stewart’s book Three Days at Sea is a book of inspiration for anyone who is facing life’s hardships. The poetry is stand-alone great, but the inspirational prose makes it even greater. The ‘Inward,’ ‘Outward,’ ‘Upward,’ and ‘From the Word’ headings not only point our minds and hearts in the right direction, but let us know where Delana was coming from and where she is going.” –Donald Graham

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Three Days at Sea (Kindle edition)

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Hardpressed but not Crushed

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See also: Media Kit

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