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A Measure of Faith

Will we believe God can give us a measure of faith to rise above any situation?

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Found by the Joy-Giver

This is an excerpt from the final chapter of Three Days at Sea. I hope you have enjoyed these 25 sneak previews into the book. You can order the paperback book here. And now it is available for the Kindle as well.

Now Available for the Kindle!

Three Days at Sea: Soul flotation when the waves are pulling you under now available for the Kindle! No Kindle? No Worries… Those of you without Kindles will be able to download it to your computer to read on a Kindle viewer. In the future it might be made available for other e-readers. Happy Shopping….…

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Esther fasted and prayed and trusted that God had brought her to this place and position in her life for “such a time as this” (Esther 4:14). She believed in God’s power to rescue her.

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Lifted High

An excerpt from chapter 21. Wind destroys, and wind lifts up.  “Sitting on a boat in open water in a high wind will make a strong stomach weak. Because of television, most of us have seen the destruction which occurs from tsunamis, hurricanes, and tornadoes. Some of us may have even witnessed the destruction firsthand.…

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Rising Above

An excerpt from chapter 20. “Will we believe God can give us the measure of faith to rise above any situation— to go when He says go and wait when He says wait?” “Yet I am always with you; you hold me by my right hand. You guide me with your counsel, and afterward you…


An excerpt from chapter 19. Three Days at Sea I learned my lesson amid a school of fish, as I sat inside the churning stomach of a great beast. In stench so strong, the deep, darkness fell heavily around me. “I demand a new verdict! What have I done to deserve this?” my mind screamed,…

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Tested and Tried

An excerpt from chapter 16. “Lord, when trials come, help me to remember they are tests of my faith. I pray in those times I will find my strength in You and remain faithful. And for the times in between the trials, I want always to count my blessings, express my thankfulness, rest in You,…

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An excerpt from chapter 14. Reflect: What are you willing to do (or do without) today in order that Christ be glorified in and through you? Are you walking by faith or sight? What are some things you are depending on instead of the Lord? Are there things you are holding onto tightly which God…

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“Grab your life jackets and report to your muster station . . .” If we do not equip ourselves, we will not be prepared to assist those around us who need encouragement, help, strength, hope, peace, and comfort.

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Expecting the Unexpected

“Often, I don’t want to go through the storm, the chastening. It hurts. It tosses me and breaks me to pieces. However, I always find when the winds subside I have been drawn nearer to You, Lord, and there is more fruit in my life. . . .Lord, help me to expect the unexpected today, and when the unexpected occurs, help me to see Your hand at work.”

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An excerpt from chapter 11. O Father, how often I drift from the intense love relationship with You which You desire to have with me. I often allow unanswered prayer and disappointment to cast shadows over my walk with You. Take the reins of my heart. Restore my love for You alone. Restore my passion…

Thinking about Today

An excerpt from chapter 10. “Lord, whenever difficult situations arise, I wonder if the grass is greener someplace else. In Philippians, You admonish us to think about whatever is true. Often I find myself thinking about things I do not know about. I want to know if the tomorrows will always be so far from…