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When Christmas is Cold Inside

Barren, lonely, cold, lost. The Christmas season, though usually a very joyous time of year, can often be an extremely difficult time of year for those who are facing grief and loss. Here are some encouraging words, pictures, and music.

suffering, ocean, waves

Tragedy to Triumph

Recently, I heard a sermon about suffering by David Platt. In the sermon, he reminds the listeners of repeated examples in Scripture where tragedy preceded triumph. These stories included: Ruth and Naomi, Joseph, David, and Job. During the sermon Platt said: “God ordains sorrowful tragedy to set the stage for triumph to come.” Often as…

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An excerpt from chapter 14. Reflect: What are you willing to do (or do without) today in order that Christ be glorified in and through you? Are you walking by faith or sight? What are some things you are depending on instead of the Lord? Are there things you are holding onto tightly which God…

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“Grab your life jackets and report to your muster station . . .” If we do not equip ourselves, we will not be prepared to assist those around us who need encouragement, help, strength, hope, peace, and comfort.

swimming, struggling to float, drowning, waves, undertow, going under

Really? Never Discouraged?

I told her that it was a devotional with the subtitle Soul flotation when the waves are pulling you under. She looked at me and asked me if I had experienced feeling that way before (being pulled under by circumstances in life). To which I answered