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An excerpt from Three Days at Sea about stepping out of the boat in faith…even when the wind and waves of the trial you are facing is swirling about you.

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Esther fasted and prayed and trusted that God had brought her to this place and position in her life for “such a time as this” (Esther 4:14). She believed in God’s power to rescue her.

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An excerpt from chapter 14. Reflect: What are you willing to do (or do without) today in order that Christ be glorified in and through you? Are you walking by faith or sight? What are some things you are depending on instead of the Lord? Are there things you are holding onto tightly which God…

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An excerpt from chapter 11. O Father, how often I drift from the intense love relationship with You which You desire to have with me. I often allow unanswered prayer and disappointment to cast shadows over my walk with You. Take the reins of my heart. Restore my love for You alone. Restore my passion…

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Three Days at Sea — Soul flotation when the waves are pulling you under — is now available for purchase from CreateSpace! For Sale now as a paperback It is currently available as a 132pp paperback for $7.95 — click here to order. Coming Soon as an e-book Some time in the next month it…