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People All Over the World

                                                                                                                                       Too often in this journey we call life, we get caught up in how we are different, rather than in the things that bring us together. We all experience joy and sorrow, laughter and tears, celebration and suffering. We are all just people. Just People People are people All over the world. Every man,…

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Media Kit

Media Kit Last Quarter 2013 ___________________________________________________ About Delana H. Stewart & Three Days at Sea Delana H. Stewart lives and works in the Middle East as an education consultant, home-school mom, author, and speaker. Her goal for blogging at Three Days at Sea is to inspire and encourage those going through difficult times of their…

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It Would Be a Spoiler

–Delana H. Stewart Today’s daily prompt, All About Me, motivates us to explain why we chose our blog’s title and what it means to us. The blog title Three Days at Sea is the title of a devotional book I recently published by the same name. Did I spend three days at sea? What does…

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Lifted High

An excerpt from chapter 21. Wind destroys, and wind lifts up.  “Sitting on a boat in open water in a high wind will make a strong stomach weak. Because of television, most of us have seen the destruction which occurs from tsunamis, hurricanes, and tornadoes. Some of us may have even witnessed the destruction firsthand.…

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How wonderful it is that we serve a God who does not give us more than we can handle! Even in the deep places His hand guides us. He does not leave us to drown in our times of sorrow or grief or fear. He pulls us up to the surface just in time.

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Sometimes the circumstances we face in life hit us like a hurricane. No matter what precautions we take, a point in time comes when we have to sit tight and ride out the storm.

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Broken Vessels

“Almighty Father, how timely is Your Word to me. You gave me new understanding today. You desire a broken spirit. When we are broken by You or by the circumstances You allow in our lives, we become useable, moldable, flexible. . . .

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Hot New Release

Three Days at Sea was recently listed number 8 under Amazon’s Hot New Releases: Best Devotionals. Check out Amazon’s hot new releases listing here. Whenever you get your copy, be sure to leave a comment/review on Amazon! Blessings, Delana

Hot Off the Press!

Three Days at Sea — Soul flotation when the waves are pulling you under — is now available for purchase from CreateSpace! For Sale now as a paperback It is currently available as a 132pp paperback for $7.95 — click here to order. Coming Soon as an e-book Some time in the next month it…

The Proof is in the . . .

No, not the pudding! The mail! The author/proof copy of Three Days at Sea is now being printed by the publisher and should arrive to my mailbox next week! Many of you have asked when it will be ready for purchase. Hopefully the paperback book will be ready to purchase by Thanksgiving (which means in…

Heavenly Tweets

By: Delana H. Stewart During my week-long sabbatical from WordPress, Twitter, and Facebook, I worked on putting the finishing touches on my book Three Days at Sea: Soul Flotation When the Waves are Pulling You Under. In this devotional book, among many verses, I share 1 Thessalonians 5:17 – “Pray without ceasing.” Praying without ceasing…

Thanking an Educator

September 24, 2012 Dear Ms. Flanagan, Yesterday, as our church honored educators, we watched a video about a neurosurgeon who contacted his middle school science teacher thanking him for encouraging him and telling him that he had what it took to be a brain surgeon. The video clip moved me, and instantly made me think…

A Sad Delay

Can I cry now? I was experiencing trouble with my new template for my Three Days at Sea book. I had been spending hours/days working on the formatting and adding little tidbits here and there. I saved it on my hard-drive and thumb drive. Then, because of some issues the document was having, I closed…

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Hurricane Season

Sometimes we go through seasons of long or subsequent storms in our life-journeys. In those times we should find places to rest and people to trust. I find it helpful to remember God’s faithfulness during previous storms to get through current or coming storms. . . .

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Rays of Hope

“You’re no longer The little boy who sat upon my knee Who filled the halls with laughter…” A poem about a boy growing up and his trials being much more challenging for his parents.